Monday, October 14, 2013

design spiral notebook

I haven't gotten to fabric part yet, but trust me it's coming.

Ever since I made Lobster Sue, I've been wanting to play more with crayons and muslin. A few weeks ago, when we were walking through the aisles of school supplies and I was being really glad that I don't have to follow anyone else's list and can get only what we actually need, I saw a big display of these Crayola packs and swooned a bit. These grays will be perfect for the spooky little wall hanging I want to make.

When I came across this absolutely amazing free motion quilting over at Cat Patches yesterday, my plans evolved a little and now I'm dreaming of things that I can't possibly pull off at my current skill level.  (If that link isn't enough to make you dash to your sewing machine, check out the free motion tutorials at  The Inbox Jaunt.)

Halloween is coming quickly and I keep finding things I want to try --

The cutest little ghostie girl ever that I stumbled across at Lit and Laundry. (And she's a free pattern available from The Snowflower Diaries!) Which led to the spider web afghan....

Look at how Marcie from I Gotta Try That transformed a thrift store Christmas toy shop into a haunted house.

And then there's this pincushion. That embroidery adds such creepy detail...I want one!

And I just found out that I won the Bubble Bubble pattern from a giveaway over at FunThreads Designs.

I'm linking up my plans with Judy over at Patchwork Times and I promise there'll be actual fabric next week!

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Tammy said...

The snow flower dairies site is totally new to me...what a great site love thief designs...thank you for the link


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