Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I sure hope it is, but I'll feel more confident once there's enough of it done to try on. I swatched, but it was hard to count those multi-colored little stitches and swatches do lie...and I've had to frog way too many necklines lately.

The ballet top is done and I love it. I added a few stitches to the cast on to make it looser -- which actually worked, despite the fact that I did it late at night and without actual measurements. I left off the waist shaping because it seemed like a waste of effort to shape a curved waist for a waist that doesn't actually curve.

Pattern: Ballet Top from Loop de Loop by Teva Durham
Yarn: Tahki Stacy Charles Koko - 4 balls
Needles: Denise 10 1/2


AlisonH said...

Well done! Congratulations!

Rachel said...

Ha ha, that's funny about the curved waist! She'll get you back for that one when she gets older! Nice job, though. Looks really beautiful!

joyce said...

i love this! i found it on ravelry while looking for something to do for my daughter, and think your version is awesome! do you think i can manage it in an aran weight silk cashmere blend? she wants something sort of luxe.


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