Friday, May 25, 2007

Apparently, I can just sit here and happily crank out acrylic sweaters for my kidlets one after another. Here's the latest, the Briar Rose Raglan.

briar rose raglan

Pattern -- The cables are from Briar Rose, added to a raglan I came up with after measuring some of Alex's favorite tops. The picot bind-off is from Knitting on the Edge.
Yarn -- 2 skeins Caron Simply Soft, Papaya
Needles -- Denise size 8 circular, Lion Brand size 8 dpns

The yarn had been sitting in my stash for about two years. I picked it up at WalMart after seeing a pattern for a lacy poncho in Creative Knitting and tucked it away so no one would notice I'd been shopping (and spent a whole four bucks -- doesn't that make sense? But I immediately forgot where it was and by the time it turned up again, the lunacy had faded and I didn't want to knit that particular poncho anymore and didn't know what to do with the yarn.

So it sat. I didn't think there was enough to make a sweater for Alex. And now I'm wondering how this sweater ever got started if I was so sure there wasn't enough yarn...


Pat said...

What an adorable sweater - I love your edging choices and ruffly picot bind off...she looks so cute!

Rachel said...

What a lovely sweater! I agree with you that acrylic yarn is the best choice for children. Why bother knitting something out of wool when they'll just outgrow it in a week? Besides, they're so hard on clothes!

I love your sweater. It's such a nice, lovely cabled thing. Great job!


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