Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Look what I slogged my way through last night -- two Weasley sweater sleeves, the same length and with matching decreases. And a few more rounds of my Turkish String Bag. And the cast on and first few rows of a Rabbit Proof Scarf. I spent four hours with a couple of DVDs and my knitting spread out across the couch, switching back and forth between projects whenever I felt like it. I didn't plan to work on the sleeves at all, but at one poitn I wanted to keep my eyes on the movie instead of my needles and before I kenw it, there were only ten more rows to go.

Open Water 2 was actually pretty good. The Marsh wasn't worth the dollar I spent to rent it, unless you count the white cables that the heroine kept wearing. I counted at least three different sweaters and a wide scarf thing with a wooden button in the front. I guess it would technically be a stole of a shawl, but it had more of a scarfy feel to it. I want one, but mine won't be white and mine will have prettier cables and less fringe.

Between the movies and the knitting, I had to force myself to finally put the yarn away and go to bed at 2am. Then I laid awake and worried about which sweater to cast on next. Until the baby woke up at 2:15. And again at 5:00.

I did get a little more sleep and woke up later knowing exactly what I want to work on next. But I think I'm too tired to swatch.

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