Saturday, May 19, 2007

I think I'm in trouble....

I don't even remember what I was Googling for when I stumbled across the Lace Shawl KAL and the Mountain Lace KAL, but from there I found out about the Lacy Lattice Stole and the Seraphim Shawl and the Diamond Fantasy Shawl and got reminded of the Hidcote Garden Shawl and my poor little brain is now overflowing with lace fantasies. Not that it wasn't overflowing before...

Aside from all of the other lace --and quilts and sweaters and everything else -- I've been trying to resist Cookie A's 2007 Sock Collection. I don't need more patterns for socks and shawls. I've got a huge stack of patterns that I'm dying to knit.

But I really want to add those shawls and socks to my list. Almost as much as I'm wanting More Sensational Knitted Socks and Alison Hyde's upcoming book.

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AlisonH said...

Oh you sweetie. Thank you!


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