Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's an H!


The big goal for this sweater was that it be roomy and bulletproof. I think I succeeded on both counts -- especially the bulletproof part. This is the plastic-iest Red Heart Supersaver I've worked with in a while. I had to drag four kids into three different stores to get the color I wanted and by the time I found it, I never even thought to touch the stuff. (The texture really can vary a lot from skein to skein.) By the time I got it home and felt it, I wasn't going back. Hopefully it'll soften up in the wash. If it doesn't, Heath won't care.

And it's just roomy enough. Halfway through the back, I started to really worry that it was going to be too huge. I came so close to making the whole thing a few inches shorter.... And that would have been bad, because my son refuses to admit when he's outgrown any article he likes. And he likes this.

Pattern: It's sort of this. With different yarn, a different gauge, and different construction. I did follow the chart for the H.
Yarn: 3 skeins Red Heart Super Saver -- although looking at my leftovers, I think I only actually used 2 skeins worth. I borrowed the brown from my log cabin blanket. Guess I should put it back before I forget where it came from and it gets mixed in
with something else.


Kim said...

Fabric Softener may soften it up a bit. It looks great!

I have started making both my kiddos knitwear a size bigger, because they're the same way.

Sonya said...

That sweater looks great! The mud will just give it more character.

Rachel said...

Fantastic job, and the picture of him wearing it is priceless! Wow!

You know, I'd never actually thought about the variation in skein of Red Heart yarn, but I think you're right! Hmmm, I'll have to remember that.


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