Monday, September 28, 2015

What if I Try to Turn a Vintage Embroidery Pattern into Applique?

Can I claim that the pile of random stuff sitting on the edge of my sewing machine table is an inspiration board? For weeks, I've been looking at this embroidery pattern and wondering what would happen if I enlarged it and divided it into separate applique pieces, then outlined them with buttonhole stitching.

vintage embroidery applique hot iron transfer

Well first off, that pink solid doesn't contrast nearly enough with the white background. I'd thought that using black for the outline would be too much. Now I'm hoping it will salvage the project a bit. And some busy quilting should help the unquilted kitty stand out...

If nothing else, now I know what happened!

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Bonnie said...

Actually, using those old hand embroidery patterns should look darling on a quilt. I sure hope you post next week cause I'd love to see your results!

A Nudge said...

It's amazing that that pink didn't show up better. Who would have thunk it? I, too, look forward to seeing your results.


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