Monday, January 20, 2020

It Didn't Snow This Week

Have you seen that meme about the weather forecast, the one that predicts either eight feet of snowy apocalypse or a lovely sunny weekend? That's the sort of game my weather app was playing with me last week. I couldn't decide whether to cancel appointments or not, or when I was going to go grocery shopping. The one day it seemed most likely to snow was my youngest son's birthday so I worried about that, but the roads were totally dry and not frozen. 

We had a tiny bit of snow that didn't stick. I don't know if the roads got icy or not, because for the most part I chose to stay off of them. First because I'm afraid of ice and then because I got sick. It's just a stupid cold, but I'm shocked at how fast and hard it hit. 

I'm doing a much better job of keeping up with my planner. Jotting down quick notes helps keep the days from flying by in such a fast blur, and it definitely helps to write down what we had for dinner each night so I know just how old those leftovers in the fridge are. I'm also really liking the habit trackers. It's not all stuff that needs to be done every day, but it helps to see how often I'm getting these things done.

I'm determined to keep better track of my projects and finishes this year.

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