Thursday, November 21, 2019

Grandma's Favorite Thrift Store is Closing

I don't know for a fact that this was her favorite, but the one  we used to meet her at almost every week before having lunch and running errands so it's the one I always think of as "her" thrift store. It closed last week and I'm kind of sad about that. 

I'm surprised that it stayed for so long. The other half of the building was a K Mart that went out of business years ago and that space has been sitting empty ever since.

I never found much at this particular store and wound up scrolling back through all of my thrift store posts to see if there even was anything exciting. I remember one haul of quilting fabric and a 1980s Intellivision game console that we didn't buy but I still want.

I found clothes there for the boys to wear for the wedding. One afternoon we bought my youngest an entire shopping cart full of Charles Wysocki jigsaw puzzles.  Grandma was using her senior discount and we spent less than we would have for two brand new puzzles.

Quinn found a huge collection of Rose Tea figurines to add to the one we'd found at an estate sale a few months earlier. This was only the first bag. In total, I think there were over a hundred.

 We found a tabletop voting machine (and somehow I feel like I should clarify that we didn't buy it!) and the purple cow head.

On most trips we didn't  find treasures but one the rare occasions that they did have something great, it was a memorable something. The cow got taken off of the living room wall to make room for my cuckoo I'm curious where it wound up.

We went in last week, a few days before the store was scheduled to close, and half of it was empty and marked off with caution tape. It wasn't worth getting out of the car for but at the same time we're glad we went.

New stores have opened and I still have plenty of places to go, but I'll miss the chance to stop at this one now and then. I was always halfway looking for Grandma's black Subaru in the parking lot, even years after she was gone.

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