Tuesday, November 19, 2019

{I've Been Reading} Slash by Hunter Shea

Slash by Hunter Shea

I've written about several of Hunter Shea's books here on the blog. There a the series of books inspired by the ads in the back of old comic books, which were  gory fun. Creature was hard to read in all of the best ways. Slash falls somewhere between the two extremes, again in all of the best ways.

Ashley King became famous as a "final girl," the one who survived the massacre at the Hayden Resort. Five years later, she hangs herself in the basement of her home. She was never able to remember much of what happened that awful night and the killer, known as The Wraith, was never caught....but a note she left for her fiance sends him back to the decaying resort in the Catskill Mountains to find recordings that she left hidden there that night.

I love that the book combines the "final girl" idea with urban exploration. There's also an element that feels at first like a cliche 1980s horror trope but turns out to be something else. In this one and in Creature, Hunter Shea writes relationships that pull at my heartstrings. That's not something I can say about some of of the horror writers I've been reading lately, and it'll keep me coming back to read more of his books.

Disclosure -- This post contains affiliate links. The publisher provided me with an advance review copy.  

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