Sunday, November 17, 2019

Stitching Goals for November

I had stitchy goals for the month of November and, just halfway through the month, I've met them both. Maybe that means I'll finish these projects by the end of the year. Or maybe I'll get distracted and stitch on something else. Either way, I'm fine with it.

The Emerald City SAL is a freebie from Owl Forest and I don't know how I got so confused by this one. I started out about the same time as the first clue was released and got bogged down a bit with the house and tornado. I saw progress pictures on Instagram showing the completed city and thought it ended there.

You'd think that after as many times as I've read the book and seen the movie I'd know that lots of stuff happens after they get to the city. But I didn't realize until last week that there's a whole lot more to the SAL and it's all amazing. I'm making such fast progress on this one now that I know what's coming.

I'll admit that the window in the background is a little boring, but it's easy to stitch and it looks so fantastic once it's done. Looking at the symbols on the chart and focusing on a tiny bit of the project can make me forget what I'm working towards and those shadowy trees were a wonderful surprise once I stepped back and looked at the whole thing.

I haven't been working on much else because it's so tempting to keep stitching on these.

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