Tuesday, October 18, 2016

{Yarn Along} Slow Progress

I cast on the purple sock on August 15 and finally bound off the cuff a couple of nights ago. It shouldn't take me two months to knit a single stockinette sock...not even if I manage to finish another fancier pair and a pumpkin dishcloth at the same time. The other sock is going even slower. I sit down to work on it, but after a few rows something happens to pull me away from my knitting. I'll get my knitting mojo back sooner or later, but I'm tired of waiting for it to show up.

Tree of Treasures: A Life in Ornaments by Bonnie Mackay has me thinking about my Christmas tree in an entirely different way. I'm not good with ornaments. They get lost, or broken, or I pack them carefully away and forget where I put the box. This author treasures her ornaments, whether they're old or new, store bought or handmade. When accidents happen, she turns the broken bits to face the tree. Reading the stories of each ornament made me feel more attached to my own rag tag collection of decorations.

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Judy S. said...

Rest easy, I have some much slower sock projects!


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