Saturday, October 29, 2016

Look what I found at the Local Safeway!

Hatch Diced Green Chiles at the Local Safeway!

Long time blog readers will know that we fell in love with Hatch peppers after a trip to Arizona a few years back. We bought a bunch at Costco and rationed them, assuming that we could get more when we went back the following year. But that didn't happen. They replaced them with a different brand that isn't Hatch.

And it's really, really important that the peppers be from the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. If not,  I might as well buy the Great Value diced chiles at Walmart. Those are okay, but they're not the same.

While we were in Arizona a couple of months ago, we missed Hatch Pepper Days at the local grocery store that brings them in and roasts them. Obviously I'm going to have to plan future vacations around that annual event!

But Teenage Son found these on the shelf at the local Safeway. It's more than I want to spend for a little can of chiles, but they're the real thing and I can get them when I want them. I'm just hoping it's a permanent thing. And that at some point they're go on sale, because if that ever happens I'm stocking up!


mckie2 said...

When I lived in Texas I could find them occasionally in the grocery stores but they weren't available all year round. They are in great demand and I think they may only be available for a while after harvest, until supply runs out. Since moving to North Carolina I've never seen them. I settle for Old El Paso brand now. They never seem to run out. Sadly.


Anonymous said...

If you like them, and it makes a difference, buy them. $1.79 may be more than you want to pay, but on the other hand, it IS only $1.79 a can. =)


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