Thursday, October 06, 2016

{Throwback Thursday} Halloween Stitching

I'm too cheap to have things professionally framed, so most of the pieces that I've stitched are tucked away in my sewing room waiting for me to come up with a more practical solution. Last year, I tried to find these so I could add fabric borders, but they managed to avoid me until Summer and by then it was too late. 

This year, I'm thinking of just tacking them up on the wall as-is so I can enjoy them. 

Spooky Row by Bent Creek 

 Three Gables by Cross Eyed Cricket 

I almost never stitched with the specialty threads a pattern called for, but I loved  these two projects enough to splurge on supplies and to actually stitch them.

1 comment:

KaHolly said...

So cute, Michelle! Um, yeah, expensive! I have a box of them in my storage unit! Just kept stitching and tucking them away! I don't cross stitch anymore. Enjoy your day!


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