Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Old House

I'm fascinated by old houses.  There are a few abandoned places I drive by regularly -- and a few that I thought were abandoned until I saw smoke coming out of the chimney on a snowy day.

This place definitely doesn't have residents, even though I saw a light in the windows on the way home one night. It has to have been the setting sun reflecting against the glass. People don't live in places with caved in they? 

We've been driving past this place since we bought our old farm house ten years ago.  When we first saw it, the roof had collapsed a bit.  

In March of 2013, there was still a porch.

And this is what was left of the house's front side a couple of years later, with the entire roof and most of the front wall gone. That's the same tree in the center of both pictures. 

Same angle and tree a few days ago... The blackberries make it hard to see what's left, but the poor house is steadily crumbling.

One of these days I'm afraid I'll come around the curve and it will be gone. The land around it is still used for farming and the barn in back is in great condition. But the house is slowly rotting. I'd love to know what its story is. Hubby asked once if I thought there was still furniture in there...

I'd love to get a look through that downstairs window, which wasn't visible until they cleared away the berries last week. But I'm trying to be respectful of the "no trespassing" signs.


Little Quiltsong said...

I too always wondered about the old homes along the way when living in the country. Farmers buy up extra land and sometimes fix up and rent out the homes that had sat there, and other times not. Each place has a story - history - would love to hear them too and who once built those homes.

Jo said...

This is a place Roger would talk to the owner of and I'd find myself traipsing through.


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