Thursday, October 13, 2016

I Refuse to Block This

knit dishcloth washrag pumpkin fall knitting
Pattern: Pumpking

Do you block your knitting? Except for lace shawls, I don't. Some of my socks might benefit from some gentle blocking, but they're going to stretch on my feet and I don't have that kind of patience. 

I'm definitely not blocking a dishcloth just so I can take a picture of it looking pretty and flat. It'll be wadded up in the sink soon enough. 

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carol fun said...

Cute dishcloth! And yes I hate to block too. I never do socks for the same reason you stated. I do block shawls...when I have to... lately I've been lucky and I have a friend who teaches a blocking class at a LYS and she's always needing samples to block which I'm happy to supply her with.

Brenda said...

I block shawls and sweaters, but I never block socks, dishcloths, or 3-D items, like toys. I agree that socks get blocked when you wear them.

brenda0312 on Ravelry.

Judy S. said...

What a fun dishcloth, and so perfect for the season!

Dar said...

What a cute dishcloth. Is that a free pattern somewhere? I don't block dish/wash cloths, but most of the time do my socks and shawls.

Tammy Stack said...

Without blocking, it has more character! Very cute.


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