Thursday, October 27, 2016

{Thrift Shop Temptations} The Rest of the Embroidery

While I was writing last week's post about that delicately embroidered pillowcase, I realized something -- maybe I should have gone through the rest of the linen section to see if there was anything else by the same stitcher...

That thrift shop isn't far from home, but their parking is tricky. I left early for my pre-op appointment and was lucky enough to find a spot with enough space for the van. (Have I told you how much I hate parallel parking that thing? And how many places around here make me do it?)

These definitely weren't by my gal. I could tell that from ten feet away.

These looked right, and they had crocheted edgings. The colors looked brighter, though, and I didn't think the stitching was quite as delicate.

Then I checked the back and decided that they had to be by my gal. Except for the travelling floss between the flower centers. There is none of that on the bird pillowcase, even when she was only doing a stitch or two at a time of one color.

I still can't decide if these go together or not. Maybe the pillowcase with the bird was used and laundered more. That would explain the difference in fabric color and maybe why the colors are lighter. Maybe they were done by the same hand at different times so that explains the differences, including why the edgings are different colors. Did she start out with the perfect backs and then get a little sloppier...or did she improve with time?

Any theories?


Laura said...

I don't go anywhere I have to parallel park. Someday I'll have a car that does it for me. Until then, someone else can drive!

mpv61 said...

The leaves in the center one are scalloped. I'm not any kind of an expert on embroidery, but I agree that if it's the same person who did these, s/he improved a lot by the time s/he did the middle one.


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