Monday, October 24, 2016

7 Days to Halloween

I actually drove past this car without noticing the skeletons. HOW?!  Once Teenage son pointed them out to me (and asked how I could possibly miss them) we circled back for a parking space so he could get pictures.

Because they're adorable in a realistically skeletal way. This is the absolute best Halloween thing I've seen all month.

I've seen all of these posts about how hard it is to take a break from social media. It's not. Just spend a very long day at the Retro Gaming Expo with your teenage son and follow it immediately with an even longer day at the pumpkin patch with your two younger boys. You'll be too tired to even think of looking at Facebook or Pinterest or writing a blog post. Or maybe it doesn't count because while they were waiting in lines I read two books on the Kindle app of my phone. (I say it counts because it would count if I'd been reading something on paper.)

I didn't intend to do those two things back to back. The pumpkin patch was supposed to wait until next weekend, but the weather looked good and I decided it would be better to be dry and exhausted than getting as absolutely soaked as I did last year. On the plus side, I've never, ever seen my youngest boys wear themselves out like that.   I've got three happy sons and I'm not leaving the house again for days.

Unless I need something for Halloween costumes, because I'm running out of time and have absolutely no plan.

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Martha Samuels said...

Love your posts. I don't fussy cut on purpose, not talented or brave enough. I've never seen a vehicle decorated quite that way! what a fun truck!. Glad you made all your boys happy on the same day.


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