Sunday, October 02, 2016

{To Good To Cut} Halloween Fabric

The week before last, the alternator in Teenage Daughter's car went out and she used the van while her car was in the shop. Which was fine. We picked it up and on the drive home Hubby realized that a wheel bearing had gone bad so it sat in our driveway for a few days and then at the mechanic's place for another week. Which was okay.  Friday, they called and the other wheel bearing is bad (but they couldn't tell it was making noise until they replaced the first one.) The boys and I have plenty to do here at the house, but this is starting to get a bit old. If I really want to go someplace, I'll have to drive either my daughter or husband to work and then pick them up, which means a couple of extra hours on the road. I'm not that desperate yet.  

And as if the car wasn't enough fun, I'm having surgery on Thursday. It should make my life much better, but that's what they told me about the knee surgery so I'm a little stressed and the hormones they've got me taking don't seem to be helping matters any. Neither does the fact that they changed the date on me. (I'm completely sympathetic to the patient who needs the emergency hysterectomy and I'll gladly give up my place on the schedule for her, but I wish they'd told me about the change before we went through so much hassle with my husband's employer to get him off the schedule for that day.)   

Except for a yard of clear vinyl that I picked up at Walmart with the groceries, I'm not buying fabric. Instead I'm going through my stash and deciding what I'm excited about. 

Halloween fabric is almost always exciting....

I think the one on the right is going to be the backing for Hocuspocusville (at least that was the plan when I ordered it a few years back), have no plan for the ones in the middle, and am trying to decide whether to applique those potion bottles on a bookshelf quilt.

The boys need bags for carrying library books that aren't feminine or babyish and this zombie drive in print that I found at one of the shops we visited while we were collecting Row by Row patterns has got to be the most non-girly cut of fabric on the face of the Earth! Just one problem....I think when I finish the bag I'm going to want to keep it for myself. Same with the movie posters.

Weekly Stash Report

Fabric used this week: 3/4 yards
Fabric used year to date: 7 1/4 yards
Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added year  to date: 29 1/4 yards (+2 sheets)
Net added for 2016: 22 yards

Yarn used this Week: 400  yards
Yarn used year to Date: 5900 yards
Yarn added this Week: 0 yards
Yarn added Year to Date: 9118 yards
Net added for 2016: 3218 yards

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Libby in TN said...

Yes to H'ville back and YES to potion bottles on the bookshelf! My 46-y-o pop-culture-lovin' son would appreciate those last two fabrics. Good luck with your surgery. My husband is having both cataract surgeries at the end of the month and I don't know which of us is more scared.

Kate said...

Oooh, I really like those Halloween fabrics. The Zombie drive-in is really, really cool. I can see why you wouldn't want to give up a bag made from that!

Auntiepatch said...

My male doctor told me I "wasn't in enough pain yet" to have a hysterectomy. So I waited a month to see a female doctor who took one look and said, "When do you want to go?" I banked a pint of blood on Friday and surgery was on the following Monday. When the all female team got in there, they discovered that my uterus had collapsed onto my bladder and attached itself. That hysterectomy was the best thing I ever did.

Anyway, I love your fabrics! ALL of them! Although, the Zombie Drive-In looks a little racey to me for younger boys. It is interesting though.

Jennifer said...

Hope your hysterectomy goes well - my mom had an emergency one years ago and never felt better. Those Halloween fabrics are great - makes me want to pull all of mine out and make a top with them!


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