Friday, October 23, 2015

Patons Kroy Spring Leaf Stripes

I'm running a bit late with this week's finish. (If you're looking for the Let's Make Baby Quilts Linky, it was posted an hour ago, here.)

Patons Kroy Spring Leaf Stripe Socks

When I finished the first sock, I was thrilled with how perfectly the colors were positioned on the heel. And then I started wondering if I could mirror the socks, with the yellow and grey stripes on the other heel...

I made my best guess at the right spot to start the color repeat and cast on. And, somehow, when I hit the heel I was at the right spot in the yarn. That was while I was knitting my way through the Retro Gaming Expo last weekend, which somehow made it more fun and will definitely ensure that these socks are memorable for more than just their stripes.  I did cut the yarn at the end of the short row heel so I wouldn't have a single row of yellow stitches cutting across the front of the sock. That might have been cheating.

To start the toe at the right point, I sacrificed a few yards of yarn. I lost another two or three when I rejoined if after the heel. Towards the end of the cuff, I was wondering if I'd have to use the little bit of yarn left from the first sock or the yarn from the toe of this one and if either of those scraps of yarn would be the colors I needed at that point. As long as the heels did what I wanted, I was willing to compromise on my leg stripes.

Here's what I had left after binding off --

The yarn is Patons Kroy Spring Leaf Stripe. I'm wondering if it was named by the same person who came up with Fern Rose and where they live that their ferns and roses and spring leaves are these colors.

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Libby in TN said...

Those self striping yarns are so fascinating! Love the colors in this one, too.l


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