Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Which Day is for Shopping?

I've been wondering about these day-of-the-week sets. Aside from church on Sunday, were certain days traditional for certain chores? This little girl was a hot iron transfer from Mom's stash, but I found the whole set of little girl days of the week patterns available to download for free from French Knots.

I'm not crazy about my color selections for this one. When I pictured the blue jacket and red dress, I didn't think about how the white space would make it look. She's a little more patriotic than I was going for. And I have no idea what that pointy thing in the center of her shopping bag is. Any guesses?    

While I was looking for some skeins of brown DMC for the next square, I saw these: 

Has Joann's always had these tubes of ballpoint embroidery paint and they just weren't on my radar? Great-Grandma left behind a huge selection of these in a tin designed to hold them (a lot like this one that I found on Pinterest) By the time I was old enough to try them out, the tips were pretty gummed up. 

She'd painted a huge set of little girls in different national costumes. I'm sure they were hot iron transfers, but I can't seem to find them in any of my Google or Pinterest searches. Anyone have any idea what they might've been? I'll know them if I see them, but I can't remember enough specifics to come up with useful search terms. 


Karen in Breezy Point said...

Hmm...I'm not sure what that item is in the bag--maybe a tied up piece of meat? It didn't used to be nicely shrink wrapped on a styrofoam tray--you had to choose your cut from the meat counter.
I remember using those pens back in the 70's. I think you get a better effect using crayons--that might be an option for your blue coat!

Sherry said...

I think the "pointy thing" is a loaf of bread.

Those pens have been at Joann's for years. . . . I've never gotten into them myself but I know my DH's ex used to buy them by the bushel-full.

I think I know the patterns that you are talking about. . . .I seem to remember that they may have been in Workbasket magazines (my DGM used to get them when I was a kid). . . they can still be picked up at antique shops, eBay and yard sales.

Have fun!

Marcy said...

Your embroidery work is fabulous. Great colors. I must have a lifetime supple of embroidered flour sack towels. They always like good on the oven door handle.

My MIL painted a quilt top with the stuff you are talking about. It was hand quilted by her church group. I'm thinking this was popular in the late 60s and early 70s.

annies home said...

thanks for visiting me at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

I love your cute patterns they remind me of some my own mother had so cute and stylish love them


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