Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's Make Baby Quilts {8/15/14}

A couple of weeks ago, Pam from Pam's Quilt Spot joined the linky party with a post about a Charity Sew Day. I'm just blown away by how many quilts these gals managed to finish. Go watch the slideshow -- it looks like they're having an absolute blast! 

Pam was kind enough to share more details and pictures of the finished quilts, so I'll turn this post over to her.... 

Hi – I’m Pam.  I’ve been asked to share a story of a great group of women who sewed baby quilts for a great cause.  We all get together to share our lives and our arts and our passions and big laughs!  One of the local quilt guilds makes quilts for the NICU unit for Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Hospital.  Not too long ago, there was an emergency request for the quilts.  With that, a sew day was put together to make quilts and get them to the babies.

To give credit to the groups, we had ladies from the Little Women’s that gets together at Jo Jo’s Quilt Shop in Chesterfield, VA and Happy Quilters of Chesterfield who sew at local libraries and a local church.  We came together to sew and we used mostly patterns Michelle was kind enough to share with the world.  We trimmed down the instructions to fit on one page so we didn’t have too many pieces of paper to print out!  We did a little preparation coming to our sew day for the baby quilts with about 15 kits cut, marked and ready to sew!  We had a pressing station, cutting station and an extra sewing machine so people could sew without toting their machine around.

Anne, Carol, Kathy, Lori, Mary, Pat and Vicki joined me to sew one Saturday at a Masonic lodge. We made 10 quilts and had a couple of more in progress.  Four were quilted that day.  Charlotte and Linda couldn’t make it that day but brought quilts to one of the groups to add to the pile.  We actually have 10 more ready to quilt and several more in the works.

We sewed and sewed.  Troy, my DH, smoked up pork tenderloin and we all brought some sides to go with it.  Nobody went hungry.  Of course, there was chocolate and music!  We had a great time and we have another day planned for October!

A huge thank you to Michelle for sharing her patterns with the world!  The patterns are so easy to make and everyone loves them.  If you haven’t tried any of them, you should!  But beware!  They are addictive and so much fun to see them in different materials.

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