Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Puzzles

Remember that jigsaw puzzle that I bought a couple of weeks back, against my better judgement? Based on previous experience with my older kids and other puzzles, I just knew that it was going to be a disaster. 

I was dead wrong. 

This is our second puzzle, which I picked up at the Friends of the Library Bookstore for fifty cents. The two youngest, with a little help from me, put it together over the course of two afternoons. It's missing thirteen pieces -- and had two extra pieces from an entirely different puzzle  -- but the boys are okay with that. We're blaming the previous owner. 

Puzzle number three was  hard. The pieces were too small and didn't stay very well together once they were matched up, and older siblings messed up our careful sorting once or twice before we decided to give up on that one. Lesson learned -- 500 piece puzzles from the Dollar Tree aren't a good purchase. 

We're doing much better on our current puzzle:

The plan is to coat the puzzles with glue after we finish them. I never in a million years would have guessed the jigsaw puzzles would make my eight-year-old son so happy! Or that he'd be a fan of Charles Wysocki and Thomas Kinkade. 


CathieJ said...

Puzzles have always been a favorite past time of mine. My adult daughter has always been a big fan also. My adult son enjoys them, but would rather have some of his multi-pieced Legos. The ones he grew up with were somewhat more challenging than those for sale today. So glad you are enjoying puzzles. Your children must be good in math and sciences as that usually goes hand-in-hand with puzzles. So does creativity.

Bonnie said...

I love puzzles, especially the Wysocki ones. With some sorting, we would build the buildings and then position them where they wnet. My mom and I would put lots of puzzles together in the winter. She is 88 now and doesn't see well enough to work on them anymore. I really miss doing them. So glad your family enjoys them.


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