Thursday, May 01, 2014

My First Dollhouse

I blamed the library for starting my fascination with dollhouses, but I had my dates wrong.  This is what must've started it --

You can just barely make out the little battery operated lamps and the fireplace. I had completely forgotten that fireplace. (A quick Google search and I found one just like it on etsy. Someone please tell me that it would be silly to order it, even if I am swooning over the little clock and hurricane lamps and little red and orange plastic flames.)

My grandparents made the house and most of the furniture. The kitchen cabinets were made from lengths of 2x4 with washers glued on for the stove burners and nails for handles. I think there was a staple for the oven door handle. And the refrigerator was orange. Because it was 1974. What other color could it have been?

That furniture gave way to "real" dollhouse furniture when I got a few years older. I really wish I had it now. I have a feeling that they must've followed plans... if I could find the pattern, I'd recreate it.

All of the original furniture is long gone, but the dollhouse currently lives in my sewing room. Which hasn't been this empty since we first moved it up there and I took the picture eight years ago.


Laura said...

My first dollhouse was made of metal. I got it back in 1964 or 1965, and I recently saw one just like it in an ANTIQUE store. It made me feel a little old. I had 4 younger sisters, and my dollhouse didn't survive all that play.

Terri said...

My doll house from 1955 or 56 was metal, too. I liked my friend's better - her Daddy made it. It had a stairway in it!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Fun memories! I have a metal dollhouse in my bonus room but it doesn't have a lot of furniture. Just what I pick up for a reasonable price now and then. Thanks for sharing wit SYC.


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