Saturday, May 10, 2014

Girly Crafting!

I have three little boys. That means I get to make things like dinosaur quilts and backpacks for hunting bigfoot and jet packs from spray-painted diet Coke bottles.

When I get invited to a birthday party for a four year old girl who's into all things sparkly and princess related, you know I'm going to make something.

Lier over at Ikat Bag has the most amazing tutorials. Like the Rapunzel wig, which is the perfect last minute gift for an aspiring princess. Seriously, she made them for all of the little girls at her daughter's birthday party. I wish I'd had that kind of creativity and enthusiasm and energy when my daughter was that age!

This tutorial is brilliant. It's a super simple fleece cap with long panels that braid together. It uses one color of fleece, takes no time at all to cut and sew, and it's adorable! Even better, it's washable if disaster strikes. (Am I the only mom who sees washability as a huge plus when it comes to dress-up clothes?)

I guess the most complicated part was the flowers, but I cut those with two passes through my Sizzix Big Shot. The ones that Lier designed were cuter, but I don't have a lot of extra time right now and I don't think the little girl in question will mind.

We're going to wrap it up with a copy of Pocketdoodles for Princesses and some sparkly Crayolas. 

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Dar said...

What a clever idea. You will be the hit of the party. Be prepared to be invited to all the little girls parties now!!

Anonymous said...

very cool gift!


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