Wednesday, May 07, 2014

{Yarn Along} Fleur de Lies

Another pair of new socks, since I seem to be working my way through my stash of self-striping yarns. I have absolutely no memory of buying these two skeins, but they've got a Woodland Woolworks price tag on them and must have come from the discount room.

That's three evenings of knitting. I can't get over how uniform these stripes are, and how much different from the Green Envy and Rustica socks.  

Teenage Daughter has asked if I might be able to finish the big green sweater before it gets too hot to wear it, so I set aside the socks and dug out the pieces. I was so distracted by that intarsia "S" that I forgot the front neck shaping, but it seems to be going together wearably. A sleeve and a half to knit and we'll know for sure!

In Fleur de Lies by Maddy Hunter, Emily Andrew-Miceli is escorting a group of senior citizens to France and has her hands absolutely full with her clients, a squabbling father and son pair of funeral directors, and the top sales representatives of the Mona Michelle line of beauty projects (which includes Jackie, who used to be Emily's husband Jack.) With lots of historical and local detail and an intriguing mystery that twisted and turned, this one kept me entertained. It's the ninth book in the Passport to Peril series, but it's the first one I've read. There's not a lot of back story included, but I never felt too lost. And I'm definitely going to start reading the series from the beginning to get the history of these characters!

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Sue said...

Love the "I have no memory of buying .." Sometimes the most fun I have shopping is browsing through forgotten stash. Go for it! LOL

Ramona said...

I agree with the above comment! Shopping at home brings some surprises for sure. You striping socks look great!

straythreads said...

fun striping yarn thanks for the little book review I'll look for them like a mini vacation!


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