Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Repairing a Snake in a Can

I don't get the appeals of snakes in a can, but my boys do. And, much to their delight, the Dollar Tree has them for sale. Not to my delight, this version not only crinkles, it squeaks. (You might remember how I feel about squeaking snakes, although the last one I had to deal with was alive.)

I had nothing to do with the destruction of the squeaking snake spring, even though I was happy to see it go. I did get out some green fabric and, using the broken one as a pattern, sewed a new sleeve for it. This one doesn't crinkle or squeak. 

I like this one much better. I'd be tempted to sew new sleeves for all of the snake springs in the house if I didn't know the boys liked crinkling them in and out of the cans so much. 

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