Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It Fits!

A few months ago, Teenage Daughter requested a Weasley Sweater, in Slytherin colors, with an S. I'd already made one for her brother a few years back, so it should have been an easy request. 

Seven years is a long time when it comes to knitting, long enough to  completely forget whatever modifications I'd made to the original pattern. If there's a charted pattern for a letter S in the right size and font out there, I couldn't find it, so I wound up making my own with graph paper...

I don't know why it looks like it's upside down. I didn't flip my homemade chart, but I was modifying it as I went and something happened somewhere along the way. It's less obvious that I completely forgot the neck shaping on the front because I was so distracted by the Intarsia.

Weasley sweaters are supposed to be a little wonky, right?

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Dar said...

It looks darling on her daughter. It is one of a kind and that makes it special. The upside-down looking S is really a new fashion trend I'd say. Well done mom.

InkkReviews said...

that looks so cool! i love it! - Katie @ Inkk

Rebecca said...

I could tell from the thumbnail at Patchwork Times that it was a Slytherin sweeter! Slytherin? There never was a bad wizard that didn't come from Slytherin. Of course, loyal Snape was a Slytherin.

Kymberly said...

What a cool sweater. I rather like the S, it gives it a fun twist.

kervei said...

That is true Weasely-ness!


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