Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have a dollhouse. (Actually, I've got two -- one in the attic and one up in my sewing room with yarn stuffed into the empty rooms.) I've always had vague plans to get the fancy one set up again one of these days, either when my kids are older or when I think of an inaccessible place to put it. It's been low on my list of priorities. 

Then Joanna Campbell Slan started making dollhouse furniture and posting about it on her Facebook page. Which led to a Pinterest search for dollhouse tutorials. Which led to a birthday trip to Dot's Dollhouse on the coast and much drooling and even more Pinterest searches after we got home. I'm now following about a dozen different blogs about making miniatures and pestering Teenage Daughter about polymer clay techniques. 

I can't remember when or how I got interested in dollhouses. But I think that might be the culprit:

I walk by this thing every single week, but I stopped actually seeing it a long time ago. When I was little though, a trip to the library was not complete without looking at the contents of every room.

I love that parlor. My dollhouse needs a vacuum cleaner. And a clock like the one on the mantel. 

Taking pictures through glass is not one of my skills, but you get the idea, right?  I don't know when or if I'll get around to making any of these tutorials that I keep pinning (here if you want to see what I'm obsessing over), but it's sure fun to look and daydream!


Laura said...

So cute! I've always loved dollhouses but never really played with dolls.

Jo said...

I am a doll house lover. I've always wanted one but never took the dive.


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