Sunday, November 03, 2013

{Kindle Freebie} Morehouse Farm Critter Knits

If you knit, or if you think you might learn to knit anytime soon, hop over to Amazon and download Morehouse Farm Critter Knits: 20 Easy Patterns & Designs for Animal Scarves, Hats & Mittens. I'm serious -- even if you don't have a Kindle, you can read it on one of Amazon's free reading apps.

It has the pattern for the Alligator Scarf! And the baby Alligator Scarf, which I wanted to make for the boys, but never did because I couldn't bring myself to buy a separate pattern just to get the smaller size. Well, that and I'd already given them my own scarf....

There's also the Dragon Scarf and the Lobster Mittens and matching Lobster Tail Scarf.... But the star of the show is really that Alligator. I  still can't get over those eyes and nostrils and scales, which aren't hard at all as long as you know how to increase and decrease.


krislovesfabric said...

Thanks for the heads up...I want a gator too...course I will have to learn to knit,lol!

Jessica Hadden said...

Go Gators! ;)

usagypsy said...

Thanks! I just downloaded this book to my kindle. Just yesterday I was telling my daughter about these cute animal scarfs I saw on Etsy. I think felted they would make a cute dog toy too :)


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