Sunday, November 17, 2013

37 days 'til Christmas!

It seems like we never have enough ornaments for our tree.  Last year, I decided to make some and started a Pinterest board with my favorite Christmas ornament tutorials. Anyone want to guess how many I wound up making before Christmas morning?

I'm going to do better this year!

I started with some of these little paper wreaths that I found at Home Frosting. They're only about two inches or so across and getting the pieces to interlock was a struggle, probably because I was using paper from an old book with age-softened pages.

I didn't read the pages first, just scanned for any really awful words that might jump out later. I'm telling myself that no one will actually read the tree, but it'll be just my luck that I missed something.

Got any favorite tutorials you can recommend?


Donna Wilkes said...

For decades I have told myself to make the Christmas ornaments in January and be ready for Christmas. I never did. I think I like the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I once macramed ten dozen candy canes for a peppermint tree. I would be the one to get close and read your ornaments.

Toni Macomb said...

You have some of the best ideas! I mean a quilt a week (goal) and now keeping a board for DIY ornaments. I used to make ornaments with my son when he was little so that he would have some sentimental items for his tree when he grew up. Well, he did grow up and I quit making ornaments. But I think I'm going start again. Thank you for the inspiration!

Mhairi said...

I love these and have made loads.
I have a couple that were made out of papyrus but paper works really well and they look lovely in a single colour or from magazine pages.

Terri said...

I made some of those last year - used scrapbooking paper so I could get pictures of things people were interested in and used them as gift box toppers/tags/ornaments. (I like recycling.) I used paper with musical notes for the musician, Superman print for SIL, kitties for the animal lover - you get the idea.


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