Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm finally quilting the turtles!

From the beginning, I've had big plans for the quilting on my Drunkard's Path Turtles. I want to custom quilt designs for the shell and legs of each turtle and do a tight stipple in the blue background.

A couple things were holding me back. If I'm going to do quilting like this, I want to use my Janome. I do better work on it than the long arm, probably because I have lots more practice on that machine and can seize perfect moments of opportunity when the boys are asleep or totally absorbed in a project and no one is likely to go tearing through the room and distract me.

Doing big quilts on the Janome presents its own series of problems, especially when it's time to baste it. The assembled quilt top is wider than my largest expanse of bare floor, even if I move furniture. And I really really don't want pleats in the back of this quilt. I don't mind a few itty-bitty ones in a utility quilt, but I've grown more and more attached to these turtles.

The solution was easy. I hauled it up to Mom's house and basted it on her long arm. Now that all of the layers are together, I can take my time and do a turtle when the mood strikes, instead of rushing to get it all done in one afternoon.

If you have a long arm, or access to one, have you ever basted a quilt to do on your DSM?  I've heard of quilters having projects basted to hand quilt later. 


Jessica Hadden said...

No longarm here! I think you have the perfect solution to enjoy the process with those turtles!

Regina said...

love this! no longarm but I do know people who have basted this way


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