Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's in your first aid kit?

I was absolutely tickled when I found this for $3.75 at the thrift shop a couple of weeks back: 

It's metal and extremely sturdy. There's a fold up piece at the top so I can hang it on a wall. And, except for some dust along the top, it was surprisingly clean. I scrubbed it myself anyway, but if it had been filthy I probably wouldn't have been so excited to bring it home to store our Band Aids in.

Now, I'm on a quest to put together the perfect first aid kit for our family. We've got a real one out in the van, and a less fancy version someplace in the bathroom cabinet, but neither ever has the things I actually need in them. Those five adhesive bandages and two alcohol wipes just aren't going to do much for a family of six. 

I've got a brand new tube of antibiotic ointment, tweezers, regular bandages, bigger bandages, gauze and tape (not that I've ever used those, but they seem like something I should have on hand in case of I-don't-know-what) and a brand new thermometer. For seven years, the most accurate on I've had in the house was the one they sent home with us from the NICU, which only gives the temperature in Celsius. For a while, I had "normal" memorized, but it was time to get a new one that would eliminate the late night math quizzes.

Now I'm wondering what I've missed, besides the extra bottle of Benadryl for bee strings. Honestly, when something big and bloody does happen at our house (like dropping the chef's knife onto my foot just about the time my blood thinners should have been really working), I dive for a clean dish towel and never even think about the first aid kit.

If I'm prepared and know exactly where everything is, maybe we'll have less opportunity to use it.

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LittleHouseontheDairy said...

Nice find. We never used gauze or tape until we got our Greyhound. We have patched that dog up so many times that now we use paper towels and making tape!

Unknown said...

What a great find! Our first aid kits could use some love too! I found your blog @ Works for me Wednesday. I would love it if you linked up at my new linky party: http://www.joyfocusedlearning.com/2013/11/anything-goes-link-up-1.html


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