Tuesday, April 09, 2013

{What's Cooking?} Rice Pudding

Our ingredient this week was rice. I don't think I've ever successfully made rice. It's too gooey or too crunchy.  If I really want rice to go with whatever I'm making, I'll cheat and buy the kind that you boil in the bag. And that barely turns out the way it should...

I followed the recipie for Classic Minute Rice Pudding from Minuterice.com. I would have sworn I made rice pudding before, but I don't remember doing it this way. This week, there were no complaints from the family.

That funky yellow tint? Blame it on my free range chickens, which are laying eggs with dark orange yolks.

I'm linking up to What's Cooking? over at Patchwork Times.


Clair said...

Rice pudding was one of the very first "real" recipes I made as a kid! Always has a special place in my heart. And love that beautiful yellow color...just a testament to your good ingredients!

sew.darn.quilt said...

This looks yummy :)

Crispy said...

The secret to good rice is:
Use dry ingredient cup to measure both water and rice.
2 cups water brought to a rolling boil.
1 heaping cup long grain rice.
One quick stir and slap on lid.
Turn burner down to one notch hotter than the low setting.
Cook "25" minutes.
When done take off burner, stir with a fork, put lid on and dish up last.

If I'm using rice for something else, I cool it in a large bowl, stirring it with a fork once in a while.

Sorry for the long post :0)

Crispy - Oh, if making jasmine rice it's 1.5 cups water to one cup rice.


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