Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm in no hurry here...

I tend to rush through the baby quilts and the projects I'm making for tutorials, because I'm usually anxious to share them with you. When it comes to the scrap quilts that I'm making for myself, though, I'm in no rush. Little trips is a perfect example of that.

The blocks are fiddly -- in case you haven't seen this one before, I'm doing Bonnie's Scrappy Trips Around the World in one and a half inch strips, so the blocks finish at 6" square. It's not hard, but it does require some focus.  My dream version of this quilt would be sixty inches square and only use each fabric once. I've got the scraps to pull that off, but I don't think I've got the organizational skills to keep myself from repeating fabrics, especially since the same prints tend to turn up over and over in scrap bags from different sources.

And then there's the color placement. When I was cutting scraps for the green baby quilt, I cut green strips. What I need will go into this quilt, the rest will go into the bin for my Lego quilt...but now I've got twenty green strips and they're going to have to go into twenty different blocks. So before I do any piecing,  I need to do more cutting.

So that's why this one is sort of a UFO, but not one I feel at all guilty about.


Sue H said...

That will be an adorable quilt. Progress!

Julianne said...

That is a great project..I like it that you enjoy the process I think that is important.

Crispy said...

Scrappy does take a lot of concentration, which is why I dont do them LOL. I'm sure you will get it done eventually.



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