Sunday, April 07, 2013

Hocuspocusville Update

I guess the biggest suprise here is that one of my completely stitched houses wasn't in the box with everything else. I'm doing a surprisingly good job of not panicking -- it's got to be somewhere safe, right?
The pattern is Hocuspocusville by Crabapple Hill and I'm stitching it on Mirage from Connecting Threads. (I'm almost sure the color is antique, but don't hold me to that.)  After searching every  quilt shop around, this stuff turned out to be the perfect choice. It's nice and thick and has a great mottled look to it that doesn't overwhelm the stitching.

The houses have been my favorite project to pick up and spend some time with when I just want to snuggle up with a least they were until I got distracted by the sock yarn. I'd almost forgotten I was working on this one until I compared a couple of lists and realized that it was missing. That's okay -- my houses will be here after June first!

I'm linking up to Slow Stitching at Kathy's Quilts.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Just love it!

scraphappy said...

I am sure your house block will turn up soon. Until then, it looks like the others are plenty to keep you stitching for a bit. Enjoy.

Quilter Kathy said...

These are such wonderful blocks! I'm sure the lost one will show up is playing "hide-and-seek" with you!

Crispy said...

Oooo cool stitcheries!! I love anything with houses in it :0)



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