Friday, April 12, 2013

It's bee day!

Hubby decided to add five new hives this year and I've got to admit that, after the fun we had installing our new hives last year, I haven't been looking forward to bee day.  But the bugs are all in their new homes and I can write that post I was planning in my head last year before things went so painfully wrong.

No one got stung  this year. Partially because we got the variety of bees we'd actually ordered this time. And partially because we were expecting a repeat of last year and being extra careful. I  even wore my new bee suit.

The bees come in mesh cages.

 Ever wonder how you get the bees from the mesh cage into the hives? 

I'm glad things went calmly this year. And I'm staying out of the bee yard until I'm sure everyone is happily settled in.  

1 comment:

Crispy said...

I'm surprised you don't get stung to death shaking those bees in LOL. I got behind an 18 wheeler truck hauling bees once. It surprised me how many had escaped from the hives and were swarming all over the net covering the load.



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