Saturday, April 27, 2013

pooling sock yarn challenge - the dancing pair

It seemed so easy. Cast on a pair of socks with some of that yarn that I'd buried in my stash because I just knew it was going to pool and finish 'em for Judy's pooling sock yarn challenge.

And the first pair was easy. The first sock didn't pool at all in the foot, but by the time I got to the ribbing, it was doing the striping within the pools thing that made me hide the yarn away in the first place.  I knit the second pair from the outside of the skein, and the foot pooled.

The yarn is Knitpicks Dancing, a sproingy blend of cotton, wool, nylon, and other. I love the feel of this yarn and stashed every color before they discontinued it. Sock yarn used to be cheaper. Knit on size 0 Clover bamboo dpns, 72 stitches, toe-up, short row heel...

Seriously -- how does yarn do this? Perfect single row striping within the pool. I could never in a million years do that on purpose.

I'm working on three more pairs, in yarn line that I was warned would pool, that has pooled when I've knitted with it before, and is it pooling? No such luck!  


Crispy said...

Wow what interesting things happened with those socks!! I think they are wonderful :0)


Unknown said...

Love knitting socks. I finish all my socks in the round. It seems to be better for my wide toes and others too I think.
I think I can knit socks in my sleep, I've done so many.


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