Wednesday, February 27, 2013

{yarn along} Crafty Girls Talk

I haven't even picked up my shawl since last week.  But all's not lost -- I did knit a stocking cap for the NICU,  and work on some fabric stuff I'll be able to show you later.  As much as I adore the Rose Ribbons Shawl, I haven't had the quiet or concentration that it requires.  Hopefully this week will be different, but if not, the shawl will be there when I've got time to devote to it again.

Lucky for me, reading doesn't have the same requirements as shawl knitting. I managed to read Spin a Wicked Web, the next book in the Home Crafting mystery series. That one was really good -- you can follow the link if you want my detailed opinion. I also read a couple of less-than-exciting Kindle freebies and now I'm starting Crafty Girls Talk by Jennifer Forest.

So far, I'm enjoying this one. I've only read three of the interviews, but they held my interest. I do disagree with the knitter who encourages new knitters to have someone write the pattern out for them "in full English" instead of learning the abbreviations. Yes, knitting patterns are written in another language, but once you learn to read it, life is much easier. I'd hate to have to wade through a whole row's worth of "knit three, yarn over, slip one stitch, knit two stitches together, pass the slipped stitch over..." My eyes would hurt. Maybe she doesn't do lace or complicated cables.

And yes, I do remember when I was complaining about that shawl pattern setup a few weeks ago. But I needed to re-learn how how shawl charts are written, not find a translator to figure it all out for me. And I did.

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