Sunday, February 17, 2013

that gorgeous sinking quilt

I love, love, love this image of a quilt sinking beneath the wheels of a covered wagon. It captured my imagination like you wouldn't believe the first time I saw it on display at the Sisters Quilt Show, and every year since then, it's had the same effect on me.

I really should buy myself a poster!

This morning, I read over on !Sew WE Quilt! that the artist has written a children's book and is considering this for the cover. Go over there and vote for it -- I just know I'm going to wind up buying the book so I can read the story, and I really want it to have this cover.

The artist is giving away two of his gorgeous quilt show prints -- head over to !Sew WE Quilt! to see how to vote and enter.  And over on his blog, there's a post that shows how he actually dunked a quilt in a lake to create the image for the poster.

The winners of the Kiki Lowenstein Short Story Anthology I wrote about last week are Kelly Grace who wrote:

I'd love a chance to win a book for my kindle, always willing to try a new author.

And Vicki who wrote:

I would love to win a copy, always willing to try a new book! Thanks for the chance.

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