Monday, February 18, 2013

my turtles are growing

I thought I'd get the top for the turtle quilt together Sunday afternoon, but I underestimated those pieced borders and how much extra pinning and pressing and making sure everything fit together just right would be involved.

Taking my time and doing it right is a good thing. That's what I keep telling myself, but I'm so impatient to see how this all fits together! And I'm wondering how I'm going to quilt it because it's now a lot larger than I'd originally planned for it to be.

I'm thinking of renaming it Gamera, in honor of its new size. And because Hubby and the boys might appreciate it.

To see more design walls, head over to Patchwork Times.


Regina said...

ooh -turtles! I LOVE turtle quilts! I found you over on Patchwork Times, but will have to keep an eye on this quilt (and add something like it to my to-do list?)

Regina said...
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Jo said...

This is really looking good. How big is it??


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