Thursday, February 28, 2013

these socks look cuter than they actually are

I really like the colors of these socks. And I like that they're worsted weight. But they squeak. As much as I've heard about acrylic having that plastic, squeaky quality, Red Heart Strata is the only newer yarn I've knit with that actually does it.

But sometimes the yarn is fifty cents a skein and it's four days before Christmas and you just want to knit something easy and watch the yarn do the work. If you want the full story of these socks, it's here. The socks are still kicking around the house and occasionally wind up on a pair of feet when it's really cold and there isn't a wool pair handy.

All of Judy's talk about sock yarn pooling and flashing reminded me of this pair, which I knit seven years ago in KnitPicks Dancing.

There are perfect two row stripes in the pools. How does that possibly work?
This is the last week for Show Us Your Socks until Fall. By the time Judy starts it up again, I'm definitely going to have some new pairs to show off. They probably won't be those fingering weight pink ones I was working on a couple of months ago.


Judy D in AZ said...

Have you heard the expression "she's so tight (with a buck) that she squeaks. Hey, they are fun socks and for a price like that, I'd squeak too!

Stella Nemeth said...

The socks "squeek" ??? Oh, boy.

Dar said...

Ha ha. That's a good description although I've never heard it before for socks -- my mother used to say that about new shoes --if they squeeked they were very inexpensive.

Your socks look like fun socks though.

JHNickodemus said...

The pooling socks make me think of infrared or heat sensors. (I think.) I always catch glimpses of my husbands movies that are too suspenseful or intense for me and they're spying on someone with heat sensors to see how many people are in the building or where to shoot etc. Those socks evoke some strong imagery!


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