Monday, August 20, 2018

Gramma's Hug

Some knitting projects are just a dream from beginning to end. My Gramma's Hug shawl almost fell into that category. I spent a happy evening casting on and getting through the first few rows...then I hit that little patch of simple lace and everything went straight to hell. 

On my second try, I used stitch markers every seven stitches and managed to keep myself on track. There's no reason I shouldn't have been able to do that lace without so much extra help, but sometimes things happen. It was like my Cathedral Window Shawl. I cast that one on while my middle son was in  the NICU and I was sleep deprived and heavily medicated and the first half came out just fine. It was after he was a bit older and I didn't have any excuses that I couldn't manage to knit the same lace pattern for the second half.

Pattern: Gramma's Hug (a free Ravelry download)
Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Chunky, Sand Dunes, 3 skeins 

Even with the false start, it only took me five evenings from start to finish. My own shawl is narrower than the pattern specifications because I substituted acrylic which just doesn't stretch and block the same way wool does. I substitute acrylic all the time, unless it's a lace pattern that will need blocking to look right, and I've never realized that it changes the potential size so dramatically.  Now I'm wondering if this particular designer blocks more aggressively than others, or if I've just never paid attention.

I used almost three skeins of I Love This Chunky from the Hobby Lobby clearance incident and it's thick and squishy and doesn't split or snag or do anything else that makes me unhappy. I wish  I'd bought a ton more of it while it was $1.24 a skein but I'd never worked with it before and didn't know how much I really would love it.

In addition to loving the yarn and the color and just about everything else, I love the shaping. Instead of increasing every other row like just about every other triangular shawl I've ever knit, this one has increases every row which makes a much longer, sharper angle.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Project Tracker and Big Plastic Bags

I've been keeping a monthly project tracker since February and it's made a huge difference. I've stopped losing track of what I was working on just before whatever happened to distract me happened...and that means I'm much less likely to start and abandon a new project. I can also look back and tell when I started and finished things. 

Right now, A Little Girl's Fancy has a blank column because I'm letting it sit while I stitch on things I'm more excited about. The constant reminder that it's there is going to make it harder to forget (although I reserve the option to just not stitch on it until the urge strikes again.) Nothing I started before the tracker is listed, but I'll give those projects a column when/if I pick them up again.

Next goal -- better project bags. I need some for the shawls that are big enough to hold the project and pattern AND all of the skeins of yarn I'll be using. Stopping mid-row to hunt for yarn is a pain.

For now I'm just happy that everything in the planner is also in a bag and they're all in the same place.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Fizz Boom Bath!

Have you been to that store that sells all of  those absolutely gorgeous (and really expensive) bath bombs and fallen in love with all of the possibilities? I'm the mom of a beauty blogger, so I've been more than once -- and then bought my own bath bombs at the Dollar Tree.

The boys and I tried making our own once and came out with bath bomb brittle, which smelled good and made their skin soft but didn't fizz and foam. It's possible that if you want to make something that actually works, following the easiest looking recipe from Pinterest may not be the best way to do it...and that you might need some specialized ingredients.

Which is where Fizz Boom Bath! comes in. 

I haven't had a chance to try any of the book's recipes yet, but I'm reeling from all of the gorgeous photos and possibilities. There are geodes and gender reveals and secret messages and one bath bomb for sore muscles...and then there are the masks and shower steamers and scrubs. Working your way through this book would be a lot of fun.

And did I mention that the book -- and da Bomb Bath Fizzers, the company that inspired it -- was written by two teenage sisters? The bath bombs they sell look even more amazing than the ones in the book. I'm going to have to try to make more soon....or to just break down and order some!

Disclosure -- The publisher provided me with an advance review copy. All opinions are my own. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Let's Make Baby Quilts! {8/17/18}

Let's Make Baby Quilts Linky Party Rules: 
Link directly to your post or specific Flickr photo. Your post can be about a baby quilt that's finished, or in progress, or you can be writing about what you have planned,  as long as it's about baby quilts. You're welcome to link to baby quilt posts that aren't brand new, but please don't submit the same post or picture more than once. I'd love it if you linked back to my site, either with a text link or the Let's Make Baby Quilts! button.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Skeletons are Uneven

I'm starting new Halloween projects, mostly because all of my stitchy friends are counting down to October 31st and posting tempting pictures of all of the Halloween designs and fabric and I don't want to be left out. It's the good kind of peer pressure. 

I was so anxious to get started on Whoo's There? that I convinced myself I could stitch this one without gridding my fabric. I counted and recounted every row of stitches and don't have any idea where it went wrong...which means I can't pick out the offending stitches and fix it.

Not that I would pick out an entire skeleton. One side of the piece is a stitch off from the other. You wouldn't be able to tell at all except the borders weren't going to line up properly. Look just to the right of the floss bobbins and you can see what I did to fix it. Not symmetrical, but it'll work. It was either that or start over from scratch or abandon the project altogether.

I'll grid the next one.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Petersen Rock Garden

Back in June, we took the boys to the Petersen Rock Garden in Redmond. I'd been there as a kid and again as an adult, but it'd been a very long time and the youngest two had never seen the place at all. They've closed and reopened a number of times over the years and I'm afraid that what was once a really neat attraction may not be with us much longer.   

You already know that I love dollhouses and tiny houses of all kinds, so this place is right up my alley. One man, Rasmus Petersen, built it himself with petrified wood, agates, obsidian, and other rocks he collected in the area around his ranch. He started in 1935 and was still adding to the displays until his death in 1952.

I love old tourist traps and this one is practically in our own backyard. One of the travel sites I visited to confirm that they were still open said that admission is by donation, but that wasn't the case. There's a drop box for admission fees and the signs make it very clear that they expect you to pay. We saw a handful of employees working on the landscaping and I kind of got the impression that we weren't welcome. Signs warn you to stay on the path...but it's not too  clear what is and isn't path.

Despite the disrepair and unwelcoming atmosphere, I still kind of love the place. My husband told me not to recommend it to you guys, but if you like old roadside attractions and keep your expectations kind of low, it's a one of a kind place that's a lot of fun to wander through.

If you're interested in finding out more about the history and current state of the garden, there's a lot of information on Friends of Petersen Rock Gardens over on facebook.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

I Don't Know What I'm Knitting...

When I print patterns, I try to only print the pages with information I'm going to need. I know what the thing is supposed to look like and I don't need a full page picture of it. I'm also usually on the last bits of ink in the printer.

Sometimes I'll need to go back to the original download for a missing bit of information, like a needle size or to figure out what an unfamiliar abbreviation stands for.  It usually works out just fine. Except this time the name of the pattern wasn't on any of the printed pages and I couldn't find the project anywhere in my Ravelry queue or by searching for free patterns for triangular shawls that use 600 yards of sport weight yarn. The yarn company's name was on the bottom of each page, but I couldn't find it on their website, which has hundreds of patterns.

Not knowing the name of the pattern was driving me crazy. I could post progress pictures here and explain that I didn't know the name, but I always want to give credit where credit is due, and to make it easy for you to find the pattern source if you want to knit what I'm knitting.

I sat down with my Ravelry queue (which is 1700+ projects because that's my particular brand of crazy) because it had to be in there somewhere, even if I couldn't find it with the search function. Turns out I'm knitting Halfway Home by Amy Gunderson, a free pattern available at Universal Yarn's website.

I feel so much better now that I know what the name of the project I'm enjoying so much is. Do things like that drive you crazy too?

Monday, August 13, 2018

{I've Been Reading} The Favorite Sister

I've spent a couple of weeks struggling through The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll. A thriller with a reality series that ends in  the death of one of its cast members, it sounded like something I'd really enjoy....but the first half of the book was like listening to someone complain about friends you've never met. The author didn't let us see much about the actual show, just five women talking about what had happened in the past.

Dumb as it may sound, I think one of my biggest complaints about the book is that there was so little white space on the pages, just dense blocks of text. I switched from reading it on my Kindle to checking out a hardback copy from the public library, which actually helped me get through to the point, a little over halfway through, where the plot starts to gain momentum.

Even when dramatic bad things do start to happen, the reader is kept at a distance from them, hearing about it from other characters. If the first half of the book had been more like the second, I would've enjoyed it a lot more.

Disclosure -- The publisher provided me with an ARC.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

{Rummage Sale Temptations} Church Fundraisers and Wonderful Poodles

On the way to the bowling alley on Friday, we stopped at two rummage sales. One was a fund raiser for a church preschool and you were supposed to donate what you thought the stuff was worth. It's the first time I've seen a sale like that and I've got to admit that I had a hard time with it.  

What's stained old embroidery worth? I think it'll clean up, but at the moment it smells funky and is having a time out on my porch. How about old poker chips in banged up wooden holders?  An old cross stitch kit that has a price tag on it from someone else's garage sale where it obviously didn't sell?

There was a young couple in line ahead of me who were interested in a wooden table and chairs. How much is that worth? (Remember that St. Vinnie's was asking six hundred for the twin of my awful set.) I didn't see what they paid, but the lady in charge suggested ten or twenty dollars. I came up with what I thought my box of dirty linens and random stuff was worth and doubled it, because I assume that the church preschool I know absolutely nothing about must be a good cause.

Stuff at the other sale was three dollars a bag. That's easy, until you only find a couple of little things that you want. I got a couple of old paperbacks from the 1940s and a stack of cloth napkins that are unfortunately pink, but should be useful.

And the cross stitched poodles! I saw them out of the corner of my eye as I was debating whether to put my meager bag of stuff back.

Aren't they the most adorable thing ever? They were in a frame with glass and the glare made it impossible to see the details of the stitching. I think they look older than 1981, which is what was written on the back of the frame, but the edge of the stamped cross stitch says 1977 so that date must be pretty close.

There was another rummage sale a couple of weeks ago because the local pool is raising money to replace their hot tub.  The ladies there were urging people to stuff their bags as full as possible. No wonder I'm confused about these fund raising sales!

What I'm actually looking for are old boxes or trivets to use for finishing cross stitch projects, but I haven't found those yet. If you want to see everything that came home with me, it's in the video below.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Green Grass

Everything is crispy and crunchy outside right now, so stitching away on this green grass makes me happy. The lawn around our house, which never gets watered or fertilized and successfully fends for itself, is always brown and dry in the summer and always comes back. But last night's news stories about dying trees have me a little more spooked than I was even a week ago. I hate losing trees. 

Her sock and shoe and everything to the left of her ankle are new since last week. If I get the grass and flowers done (along with her hair and her left leg) all that will be left is the dress.

I'm making progress! I've also got really obvious hoop marks this morning, but those should iron out.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Let's Make Baby Quilts! {8/10/18}

Let's Make Baby Quilts Linky Party Rules: 
Link directly to your post or specific Flickr photo. Your post can be about a baby quilt that's finished, or in progress, or you can be writing about what you have planned,  as long as it's about baby quilts. You're welcome to link to baby quilt posts that aren't brand new, but please don't submit the same post or picture more than once. I'd love it if you linked back to my site, either with a text link or the Let's Make Baby Quilts! button.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Aran Basket

Here's another project I made from Knitted Baskets by Nola Heibreder and Linda Pietz.

Pattern: Aran Basket, in the book Knitted Baskets
Yarn: Unlabeled Acrylic, probably Red Heart Super Saver Fleck

I used most of a skein of what I think is probably Red Heart Super Saver Fleck, double stranded, and reduced  the cast on from 96 to 84 because I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn. If I was going to knit this one again, I'd make the ribbed cuff shorter.  It refuses to stay nicely folded, maybe because I used acrylic instead of the wool that the pattern calls for.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations) Fire, Police, Funeral Home...

Something about old phones always makes me smile. If I ever find an affordable candlestick phone, that baby is coming home with me. 

These two were just a little easier to resist, mostly thanks to their prices. They're things I love but do not need.

I thought it was a shame that the phone in the top picture had a sticker on it, until I saw whose numbers are listed. Can you imagine seeing that on your phone every single day? This thread about funeral home advertising stickers makes it look like they were pretty common at one point....and the place is still in business so they must be good at what they do.

Is there something vintage that you always find hard to resist?

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Midwest Barn

This was one of those accidental projects. I picked up an old magazine at a sale someplace, saw
a pattern I liked that only called for five colors of floss, and a few weeks later I started stitching. 

Midwest Barn - Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Sept/Oct 1992
Pattern: Midwest Barn Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Sept/Oct 1992

The plan was to maybe put it on a project bag or something, but I definitely think it deserves better finishing than that. We all know I never frame anything, but for now I've got an excuse. There are two more barns in the series and I definitely want to stitch those too. 

Western Barn is definitely my favorite of the three, but I didn't want to put the project on hold long enough to figure out whether I've got that magazine in my stash already. Odds are that I do...or I can find a copy.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Contagious Enthusiasm

For the past few years, I've been completely avoiding the new Halloween fabric. I didn't even walk through the section, because I knew the temptation would be strong and if I wasn't using the Halloween prints I already had I shouldn't buy more.

But my friends have been posting gorgeous pictures of their purchases and the Halloween stuff in my stash is NOTHING like this....

I've got plans for it all, and plans for other stuff. What I'm not sure of yet is how much time I'll have this week, but there aren't any solid deadlines for any of this anyway.

-- finish Campside and cast on a new shawl
-- decide on a full coverage cross stitch project
-- pull out the "too good to cut" fabric that's hiding in my stash

Sunday, August 05, 2018

(Don't) Buy the Best Materials You Can Afford

I've been hearing that advice again. It always ticks me off, but this week it's really getting to me because of this yarn. 

I bought it at the local knitting shop. It was $19.50 a skein. Maybe it was on sale, but that shop never had sales so I'm kind of doubting it. I bought two skeins and at the time it was a huge splurge.

Then I waited twelve or thirteen years to cast on because I'm afraid of wasting the good stuff. I've got two good things to say about this yarn. I love the colors and the way they look in my project. And there wasn't a single knot in either skein.

The pretty color and lack of knots are nice, but the yarn, an acrylic/wool/alpaca blend, is tearing my hands up. I've worked with softer Red Heart Supersaver and that's a huge problem in my mind. What did I gain by buying "good" yarn from the specialty shop?

Another thing that absolutely baffles me -- This yarn isn't listed on Ravelry, or anywhere else that I can find. There's no yardage listed on the ball band. What legitimate yarn company doesn't list the yardage?

Moral of this story...there's wonderful yarn and awful yarn and where you buy it and what you pay doesn't determine which was which.  (That super cheap acrylic I got on sale at Hobby Lobby and just used to knit Gramma's Hug?  Some of the softest prettiest stuff I've ever knit with.)

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Another Afternoon of Stitching

I love stitching, especially with all of my friends at Acorns and Threads. It's one of the best possible ways to spend an afternoon -- especially when I don't have to make the entire drive on my own! 

With a lot of counting and counting again and marking  my working copy to keep track of my progress, I got the little girl's right leg finished. I started that part of the pattern last weekend up at The Starlight Stitchery and I did her arm at a previous Acorns and Threads meetup. This project is going to be absolutely filled with happy memories.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Let's Make Baby Quilts! {8/3/18}

Let's Make Baby Quilts Linky Party Rules: 
Link directly to your post or specific Flickr photo. Your post can be about a baby quilt that's finished, or in progress, or you can be writing about what you have planned,  as long as it's about baby quilts. You're welcome to link to baby quilt posts that aren't brand new, but please don't submit the same post or picture more than once. I'd love it if you linked back to my site, either with a text link or the Let's Make Baby Quilts! button.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

I Need Another Pair of Socks

Not to wear of course, but I need something on my needles to keep my fingers moving when I want to knit but I have to keep the bulk of my attention free for other things. That's a short evening and a half of knitting, which I wish had been on the Campside shawl, but I've run into a bump in the road there which is going to keep me from knitting on it while other people are in the room. 

The yarn didn't photograph well and, honestly, it's not that cute. I must've bought it for boy socks (because it's a single skein) and it must've been on sale (because it's a brand from Joann's) and I'm using it up now because I can't just sit there and look at the television and not have my hands moving. Losing out on potential knitting time bugs me, even if I'm making up for it by knitting something I'm not excited about.

I'll solve that problem by casting on a new shawl next week, I promise.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

{Garage Sale Temptations} I Bought a Quilt Top

On my way up to The Starlight Stitchery last Saturday, I stopped at two garage sales and a rummage sale. The least promising of the three was over the hill from our house and I'd already driven past it five or six times without stopping because it looked like mostly children's clothes. 

Don't judge the sale by what you can see from the road. I do that all the time, but I shouldn't. They had some great vintage stuff, even at the end of the second day. 

I'm not in  the market for old quilt tops, no matter how much I love looking at them. But these are that elongated hexagon that reminds me of coffins. (And even though I'm not counting down to Halloween yet, that sort of  thing is niggling at the back of the brain.) What's the proper name for this shape when it appears in a quilt -- is it an elongated Hexagon?

There were three like this one and a fourth quilt top that I think had squares in it. It was late in the day and I was hot and I definitely wasn't in the market for four quilt tops. If I was going to buy one...and I really thought I wasn' was going to be one of the three.

The others had brighter colors and more varied fabrics. I thought for a brief moment that the first one might be all double knit and would have snapped it up in an instant if it had been, but there was also wool and I know from sad experience that they weren't going to play well together. Someone I knew used to make quits with anything and everything and gave them to family members who didn't realize what would happen when you tried to wash a quilt that had heavy knits and wool and thin satins and I still feel awful about how that ended.

All of the fabric in this quilt is close to the same weight and I think I can get away with washing it carefully once it's quilted. 

Do you see the seam in the blue plaid? That's got to be a piece of clothing. And the bit to the right of it is embroidered. I can find several other patches that were cut from that same piece, but not enough to figure out what the embroidery might have been.

I'm so intrigued by this thing that I can barely stand it. I really want to know the story of these three quilt tops. Were there others that did get quilted and used? That's a crazy lot of hand piecing to just let sit and gather dust over what's got to have been a lot of years.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

{I've Been Reading} A Merciful Death

I think most of my stitching friends are anxiously counting down to Halloween, but I'm just starting to get into our usual rhythm of summer days and we won't give it up our afternoons at the river until I absolutely have to. Not until mid-September at the very earliest. 

I can't remember where I first saw A Merciful Death by Kendra Elliot mentioned. It's set in Oregon, in the small town where the protagonist grew up in a family of survivalists and preppers. Now an FBI agent, Merci has returned her her childhood home to assist local law enforcement as they investigate a string of local murders. Someone is targeting preppers and making off with their caches of weapons and although she knows that her background will make her an asset to the investigation, she isn't entirely thrilled about seeing her estranged family again.

I really, really got caught up in Merci's story. The murder investigation took a background to the details of her past and current life and I'm impatiently waiting for whoever has the second book in the series checked out to finish it and return it to the local library so I can find out where she goes from here. (If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, all of the books in the series are available for free.)

Monday, July 30, 2018

Striped Socks that Aren't for Boys

Look, more new socks! This was one of those single skeins I bought when it still seemed like a good idea to knit cute socks for toddler sized feet. When there were toddler sized feet in the house...

I tossed the ballband before copying down the information but the colorway didn't have a neat name, just something about multi stripes. (Edited to add -- it's Sensations Soles & More, TP/GRN/BLU) The heels and toes are Drops Fabel, left over from Convoluted Clues.

I like the way the stripes wrap fall around the short row heels. It's always a gamble to see how that's going to work out, but these are close to perfect.

These could totally be socks for my younger two sons, but I've seen how they take care of their socks.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Stitching at The Starlight Stitchery

I spent Saturday afternoon stitching with friends at The Starlight Stitchery, a new needlework shop in Corvallis. The shop, which was originally Friendship Crossing, was bought by the current owners after the original owner's death. It looks like they've got some great plans for updating their inventory and scheduling more events.

How could anyone resist an invitation like this one? (Also, is that a sign that I should've started The Grady Twins and brought them with me instead of Little Girl With Cosmos?)

My plan was to do some more stitching after dinner and make sure that my little girl's leg lines up with the hem of her dress properly, but between the LNS trip and a couple of garage sales, I'm lucky to get this post scheduled before I head to bed for the night.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

This Week's Plans

It's going to be a full week! I've got two stitchy get-togethers I hope to attend. That's going to mean a lot of hours on the road in a minivan without a/c, but it's more than worth it to spend a few hours with my stitching buddies.  

There's stupid stuff, like trying to schedule our water usage around an annual music festival. Over the next couple of days, I've got to decide whether to get the storage tank filled early or wait until after the festival. Worst case scenario we go a day or two without water, which compared to the well issues of the last few years is nothing. If I'm right about how much water is in the tank as of this morning, we'll be fine and the only think I need to stress about is staying off the roads next weekend.

I'm also looking at my planner, trying to decide which projects will carry over into August. A Little Girl's Fancy and Girl With Cosmos definitely will. The striped socks and the barn and Gramma's Hug will probably get finished over the next few days. I don't know about Campside. The shawl is almost finished, but that yarn is getting harder and harder on my fingers.

I will work up the nerve to uncap that tube of glue, thanks to last week's comments. And there's another project I want to take a closer look at. It's hard to decide which plans I want to post about and which I'll keep to myself for now.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Let's Make Baby Quilts! {7/27/18}

Let's Make Baby Quilts Linky Party Rules: 
Link directly to your post or specific Flickr photo. Your post can be about a baby quilt that's finished, or in progress, or you can be writing about what you have planned,  as long as it's about baby quilts. You're welcome to link to baby quilt posts that aren't brand new, but please don't submit the same post or picture more than once. I'd love it if you linked back to my site, either with a text link or the Let's Make Baby Quilts! button.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations} But it's Only Ninety-Nine Cents!

I fell complete and irrationally in love with this couch, even though I don't buy upholstered furniture at thrift shops and even though it's probably as ugly as sin. 

Look at the wooden rail along the back...and there's another one along the base in the front...and I don't know why I'm so excited about the plaid, but I am. It would go with my wood paneling and my big brick fireplace and I'm really hoping it's gone by now so it doesn't continue to tempt me.

And then look at the price tag...

Is that the "Please get this out of our store" price?  I showed my husband the picture and he wanted to know if it came with cats.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Shawl Knitting Bug

I currently have four hundred and some shawl patterns in my Ravelry queue and at least a dozen books of shawl patterns and I couldn't even guess how many magazines with shawl patterns in them. When that bug bit me, it bit hard

A new project generally starts with something along the lines of "Oh, that's cute and I've got some halfway suitable yarn and an empty circular needle...." 

This time I found the pattern, Gramma's Hug, and wasn't sure I had four hundred yards of bulky. I've got larger amounts of bulky, stealing a couple of skeins would sabotage future projects. (This  whole shawl knitting challenge is an extremely elaborate game of yarn chicken.)  Then there was the Hobby Lobby yarn clearance and I picked up four skeins of I Love This Chunky and it could not be more perfect for this shawl. There should be just enough yardage.

I knit my way through an entire skein on Monday night while watching stupid old horror movies. The increases are making the point of the shawl extra pointy and I tried a Russian join for the first time.

That little narrow band of lace that you can barely see in the picture? We'll talk about that later...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Girl With Cosmos Update

I've spent a few evenings stitching on her hair. Some of  these shades are so close that I managed to convince myself I'd made a horrible mistake, but it's all working out. 

No fractional stitches, no back stitching. Just lots of similar shades of brown to be immediately followed by lots of similar shades of white and off-white.

But isn't she adorable? I have a feeling I'll be stitching the girl on the beach and the girl on the dock before too long.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Plans for the Week

I didn't get through every item on last week's list, but I made a lot of progress on a lot of things. It looks like I'll finish Midwest Barn this week and probably start the new shawl. I could maybe start thinking about the next new cross stitch project...or see how much I can get done on the other two cross stitch projects.

Most of all, I need to  figure out how much ventilation this glue actually requires. Anyone used E6000?

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Thrifted Fabric

Would you believe these batiks came from the Goodwill outlet bins -- and that there was a lot more of it? 

Sometimes thrift store fabric can be absolutely amazing. (Most of the time it's not.) I've been wanting to do a video about how we pick thrift store scrap bags, but it took me more than a year to find a bag that looked promising and also fit my budget. When you only make it to the thrift shop once a week at the absolute most, your odds are slim. I wound up finding the perfect bag in a store I've never seen fabric in before...and then there were the batiks and five yard lengths of Moda in the Goodwill bins.

Sometimes the unexpected happens.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations} The Furniture!

I am absolutely hooked on this 1970s reproduction Colonial stuff. And yes, I know the actual colonists didn't have end tables, let alone anything like this.  The top is hinged so that you can store stuff in the bucket. Just try to tell me that wasn't designed to hold a knitting project!

I did not bring it home, but the more I look around my house with the wood paneling and huge brick fireplace, the more I begin to convince myself that this stuff would really work in our front room.

These chairs wouldn't fit anywhere in my life and they look anything but comfortable, but they've got tufted upholstery and fringe and nail heads and they're a lot more reasonably priced than the end  table was and I kind of adore them and definitely want to know what the house they came from looked like.

It was a good day for entertaining furniture and there were also vintage needlework kits. I was a little tempted by the one with the sewing notions but I'm sure I've got something similar in my pattern stash already.

This Clover knitting set is going to be a great deal for someone who enjoys knitting with straights.

I left the store empty handed, but browsing is always fun. And that FURNITURE!


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