Monday, December 10, 2018

I Want a Hundred Year Old Greenhouse

I do understand that there are lots and lots of reasons why I can't have an old glass greenhouse, but let me dream for a little bit. Because the one we visited yesterday was GORGEOUS...

It was the annual Christmas open house at Deepwood and Bush House and all four kids and I thought it would be fun to go.  Back in 2016, we missed the greenhouse. I remembered that it was there, from the days I used to walk through the park almost every day with the stroller, but I had it confused in my head with the ones over at Deepwood...and those were locked. 

Look at all of the succulents (and also look at how I manage to avoid figuring out the plural of cactus)...

There's not much room to maneuver between the wide tables. If I had a greenhouse like this one, I'd want a cozy spot to sit in. Not a realistic dream, since I can't manage to keep plants alive. The hens and chicks in the ladle are still hanging in there and I hope I can get them through the winter. Whatever it is that I put in the wishing well planter has been thoroughly trimmed by the chickens. I don't think that one is my fault and I did move it out of their reach once I figured out where all of the trailing bits had gone. 

I've also killed way too many house plants over the years to even consider wanting a separate structure to keep them in. But that won't stop me from loving the idea.

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