Sunday, December 30, 2018

More Russian Cross Stitch

I've already told you how much I'm enjoying this kit. The design is adorable, the chart is easy to follow, and the wool/acrylic blend thread is fuzzy and wonderful to work with. For something that's this easy to stitch, the results are absolutely fantastic. (Not that I'll be giving up the projects with a hundred colors and thousands of little confetti stitches!) 

I bought a few more kits from this company back at the Hobby Lobby clearance where I bought the hedgehogs and I've been wishing I'd bought more. At the time, I was concerned about the lack of English on the packaging and the thread that didn't look like anything I'd stitched with before.

For Christmas, I got more kits to add to my collection. And there's another one coming in the mail.

 Prices rise and charts and kits get discontinued and this is a pretty harmless thing to collect.

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