Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year End Totals

This was the year of skipping things. I accidentally missed the sign up date for Sock Madness, decided not to make the drive to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, decided to skip the Row by Row Experience because I didn't love the theme and was busy with a bunch of other stuff, and missed the Retro Gaming Expo because I was waiting for a replacement tire and there was no way on God's green earth that I was driving up to Portland in the pickup. The only one I regret is the gaming expo. 

I still haven't gotten my sewing machine looked at so there's been very little quilting. I turned two finished quilts in to the church group and got one top done. 

At the beginning of the year, I decided that maybe instead of knitting sooooo many pairs of socks I should dig into my stash and knit some shawls. I wound up with fourteen finished and one more still on the needles. With only a few exceptions, these were all really simple, with easy to memorize patterns. 

Of course there were socks, fifteen pairs this time.

I did a lot more cross-stitching (and one crewel project.)

My four big projects will be carried forward into 2018. If I hadn't started the hedgehogs and All is Calm, or if I hadn't done so many smaller projects, A Little Girl's Fancy and Girl With Cosmos might be done by now. But I'd have missed out on other things. (If I need any more justification, I finished a UFO that I hadn't touched since 2004. Full coverage and confetti stitching provides a LOT of justification as far as I'm concerned!)

This year is going to be remembered as the year of The Hobby Lobby Incident. Just in time for me to spend some birthday money, they marked down cross-stitch kits to 75% off. I bought kits in Albany, then drove up to Salem and bought a few more kits...then a few more later when they were 90% off.  A few more kits that Mom picked up for me aren't in the  pictures. In June, they clearanced the yarn and I got there on the morning they were first marking it down. I think those were my only big stash purchases of the year.

 It's time to start planning for 2019 -- what's on your list?

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Andra Gayle said...

Wow! Your number of finished projects is phenomenal! I quilt and crochet and gave up cross stitch years ago due to how time consuming it is. :)
Best wishes to you in the new year!


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