Tuesday, November 20, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations} Taking Time to Look at the Pictures

I had some time to kill on Monday and I also needed a new shovel for the fireplace, so we wandered through the thrift shops. I should have measured Stonehearth Hutch before leaving the house so I could try to find it a frame. Because I hadn't done that and didn't have the slightest idea what size I need, I looked at stuff that was already framed.

This one has to have a story, because that's a heck of a frame for a jigsaw puzzle.  

This one briefly tempted me. It also had friends that included a windmill and (I think) a corkscrew. But I decided that I didn't love it enough to give up  any wall space in the sewing room.

Buying this and taking out the picture to keep the frame would be wrong...wouldn't it?

My limited wall space made this easy to resist. 

If I could remember how to do latch hook this unopened kit probably would have come home with me. It's just fantastically awful and I kind of love it. 

There were even needlework kits. Too bad the girls with hoops had been opened and most of the contents were gone. The pear and houses were like new, but I didn't really see myself stitching either. 

I'm going to have more time to kill later this week, so I'm going to take measurements and see what size frame I actually do need.

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Phyllis in Iowa said...

Love reading your blog each morning. It's a delightful change from the dail news.
I collect vintage and antique sewing machines and would have purchased the framed sewing machine illustration in an Iowa minute.


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