Monday, November 26, 2018

New Starts Before the End of the Year?

I want to start another new shawl....and another pair of plain socks...and maybe this pattern I just purchased and downloaded off of etsy. I absolutely want to stitch it, the question is just whether or not I need to start right this second. 

A few of my stitchy friends are planning to spend 2019 stitching only on they're starting a whole bunch of new things before the first of January. I guess that's the same logic as stocking up on fabric or yarn before deciding to work on projects from stash.

I've decided that I like having multiple projects on my needles and Q-snaps, so I'm starting new projects. But I also like finishing things before the end of the year, so I'm making myself a little bit crazy.

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moosecraft said...

When you enjoy what you're doing, you can never get enough of it! :-) I try to finish my WIP's before the end of the year, but it usually does not happen. When January 1st rolls around, I may start a few newbies to keep busy with throughout the year tho! Have fun!


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