Saturday, April 20, 2013

my pink and green quilt

A few years ago, I fell head over heels for the combination of light pink and green and started pulling fabric from my scrap bags and watching for sale fabric.

I cut some pieces, just enough of a start to claim this quilt on my UFO list.  There are different types of UFOs -- the ones you've made significant progress on and then abandoned, the ones you've bought a kit or pattern and specific fabric for and given up on, and the ones you haven't exactly started, but really want to be working on so you put them on the list so that you can work on them instead of the real UFOs. At least that's how I classify mine.

That missing book of scrap quilts that I'd found my pattern in turned up again and the blocks aren't pieced like this after all. It also turns out I don't like the quilt in the book as much as I first did. I like the version I've been carrying around in my imagination better -- but now I'm not even sure if I want a pink and green quilt to keep.


It's not a real problem -- there's another pink quilt that I really, really, really want to make. The fabric can be shifted over to that one. And there's always something to do with the green. If I decide to abandon this project.

I pieced these blocks this afternoon, figuring that if I didn't love them, I could make enough for a baby quilt and call the project done.  The decision would be easier if the cut pieces had been in the box with the rest of of the fabric and I knew how many there were.


Sandy said...

This would make a great quilt for a baby girl. Pink and green are the colors of my sewing room, so I love the combination and think this looks great! :)

Crispy said...

I agree, it would make a great baby quilt. Funny how our tastes change so much :0)


Kitchener Quilter said...

Pink and green are a pretty combination, I agree. Your quilt will be quite lovely if you decide to finish it up. I can see your indecision, though, on what to work on. There are so many lovely projects. . . I have such a hard time deciding what to do next.


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