Thursday, April 18, 2013

a new toy for the kitchen

Last week, the family went for a drive and Hubby decided to stop at a grungy little thrift store we'd been to once before. Picture narrow aisles backed with old broken electronics and nasty bedding (not a vintage sheet in sight -- I looked!)

The building seems to have been a grocery store in a previous life and they're selling baby clothes out of an old meat case for five dollars a bag. And yes, if I still had one that tiny, I'd probably have been pawing through it myself. Or maybe not. The pickings looked pretty slim.

I did find some decent Pyrex and my oldest son found me a couple of Nancy Drew books from the 1940s, but they were asking antique store prices. Luckily, I already had nicer copies of those books so I wasn't even tempted.

What did tempt me was this, the cutest little pressure cooker ever! 

The lid is like some sort of Chinese puzzle box. It took Hubby forever to get it off and then he had a hard time getting it back on. I don't think it'd hold more than a quart and I can't decide what it would be useful for....if it wasn't completely lacking any safety valves. Believe me, even if it was functional, we wouldn't be trying to use it. Not to cook in. Hubby did have to see if he could get it to build up pressure. (Don't ask me why -- I think it's the same reason he had to fiddle with that gasoline iron I brought home from an estate sale, again after warning me about how dangerous it was.) It won't.

And even if I did want to use it, I'd never figure out that lid!

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LV said...

My mother used a pressure cooker. However, it was nothing like this one. Very interesting.

Crispy said...

A very neat find and I'm happy you aren't going to use it. It would be nice to have one that small though.


Jo said...

That was a cutie!! My daughter Kayla is doing 365 days of cooking in a pressure cooker. You can find them at Kayla K's Thrifty Ways.


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